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This attitude is shared with the DIY electronic music community. These aspects partly show how they relate to each other. Dub in Babylon: Understanding the evolution and significance of dub reggae in Jamaica and Britain from King Tubby to post-punk. The vpn france recrutement labels I was exposed to whilst working in a record shop were largely from the genres of soul, RnB, hip-hop, UK Garage, Drum and Bass, and house music. While all of these releases are great, Volume 2 is essential because it marks the point where James departed from his acid house roots and ventured into brand new territory. As a DIY instrument is an object, you can also admire it like vinyl for its visual and sculptural properties. The pressing plants made the company an attractive proposition, and US giant CBS was seeking its own pressing facility instead of relying on its partnership with Philips. You do not have to worry about the cost of these instruments much in the same way as a limited edition white label. The White Label A white label record is a plain, inch record with a white label affixed to it bearing no information about its contents. It is important to know that you are not only listening to the individual songs, but rather the relationship between each song being sequenced together without a gap. Vinyl: The analogue record in the digital age. He had such a grip on the UK scene that his old tracks got reworked a decade later into an EP thatstillfeels essential to put on this list.

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  • There are clear parallels between the DIY electronic instrument maker community and limited edition white labels.
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  • Oriole had also released American Columbia hits in the UK in the early s.
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Explore UK Garage White Label on Discogs Digital work generated from the performance of a self-built hardware re-mix.

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  • With vinyl you can appreciate the object and there is a process starting with the artist credentials and the details of the record company when it was released and the record shop it was bought from.
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Wight Label Records Demo Submission, Contacts, A&R, Links & More.

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